To the Mistress Of Chill

Ere the wanderer...

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Selling Up and Moving On

Dave, a real estate agent, was just talking me through a "tasting session" a while back with a friend on his property near Ashburton in the days when he used to brew his own beer. He meticulously and lovingly described the equipment, methods, and technique for his "experimental" approach to beer design; It was half the fun.  As for the outcome, well,  each batch was an adventure.  A broad grin and a glint in his eye shone through as he spoke of the time he and a contractor finished up work for the day.  In a gesture of convivial blokeship Dave offered to share a few bottles of home brew, an offer enthusiasticaly accepted and with no further ado...

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Paradigm Shift

            I am a music teacher. I have taught and seen my pupils excel in this field and it has given me a sense of...

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I hate writing

Since I was born I hate English Teachers. Always their is conflict-ion with my teacher. So I hate English stories, articles.  I am wondering who made the dictionary. When ever I started writing I feel sleeping. I like to watch...

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Hi From Middle Earth

Ever wondered what the land around Edoras from the film Lord of the Rings looks like in real life. Click on read...

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