A New Years Day Without A Murder

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First Article For Profile

          I am a new member ! I  hope communication...

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Searching For a Sounding Board

I am new to this site and no one seems to be around to ask so I am just going to start a sounding board blog on my blog dashboard. If anyone happens to read this and knows if there is one on this site with people who respond,...

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A Republican Easter So Long Ago

The General Post Office (GPO) on what is now O'Connell Street in central Dublin has a very special place in Irish history. On Easter Monday 1916 it was one of many sites occupied by Irish nationalist volunteers  seeking to overthrow British rule and establish a republic.  The building was duly occupied by a small  but very important band of rebels from the Headquarters Battalion of the Dublin republican volunteers, it was from here they would  control the fight and make their stand. The band included five members of the volunteers military council, in due course they...

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emtional control

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