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First! That describes where I am in my effort to write. I have thought about writing for years. I have constructed my "Castles" in the air but have never had the courage to put them to pen and paper. In this case it's putting words to bits, bytes and "words" in the geek sense (you would have to belong my generation to understand that definition).  Snippets of stories, rants, despair, elation, suprise, all of these I have wanted to express but never thought I could put them down. Now that I have started it will be interesting to see where this goes.

As I am typing the Vikings are getting beaten like an old dusty rug by the Cardinals. I'm not a big football fan, but there isn't anything on the tube that is remotely interesting. That's funny because that was the same reason I started following baseball, in particular the New York Yankees. Consider me not much of a sports fan but more attuned to reading and computing. Oh did I mention I was sipping on a VO on the rocks?

Enough for a "First" entry.