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I like alot of fighting like Dragon Ball Z Inuyasha and the games to my favorite 2 caracters are Goku And Vegeta there cool when they transform into there super sayian froms it gose from a Great Ape,Super Sayian,Ultra Super Sayian,Super Sayian 2,Super Sayian 3,and Super Sayian 4 i like when they fuse to into Vegeto and Gogeta.And my favorte caracter of Inuyasha is of corse is Inuyasha because of his claws iron reavor soul steeler and blades of blood those are his moves hes half humen half demon,he has a sord call the Tetsiga it has 3 moves that are powerfull Wind Scar,Backlashwave,and Adoment Veroge,his sord is the strongest sord of all and it came from a fang.I also like football basketball and baseball.I drive around on my forewheeler alot to.And I get so hungery I eat alot of food.And I work out alot,bench pressing,joging,weights,push ups,sit ups,jumping jacks,chin ups,jump rope,and bike ride.And the last thing I like to do is hang out with my friends and play video games.These are things I like to do.