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I danced in the woods. Redwoods, pine, and oak, all beautiful. I felt secure, safe, and happy. I was beautiful, and free. I turned into a wolf, and I ran faster and faster. Until I thought I was flying. When I stopped I wasn't tired. Why did I stop I asked myself. I saw a pool. I walked over to it, and looked in. As I looked in something strange happened. A girl came out of the water. I didn't know her, and yet I did. All she said was, follow me. When I didn't move, she took my hand and led me into the water. Then I realized I was human again. How did you do that I asked her. she didn't answer, just tugged on my arm. I went with her, why I don't know. When my head was underwater I began to swim. I didn't have to hold my breath. How strange I thought. Then I saw them, many just like the girl. They told me. I was home.