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Drying my eyes from another crying episode
Trying to get myself out of this pitiful, depressing mode
Has left me feeling numb, with a bad taste in my mouth
And with nowhere to turn, and no one to hear me when I shout

But how can they hear me when I am shouting in silence?
Where must I go to get back my confidence?
When will I get back to the point of authority?
I have searched, and could not find a pill for what ails me

All my tears were shed in the same place
Where I cried so hard the tears began to burn my face
My eyes have changed color since my tears started to flow
All these tears, and still, no one knows

Knows the depth of my pain
Nor the path of my tear stains
Everything looks different but remains the same
Complicated with the fear of starting over again

I know putting my heart back together won’t be easy
Because I didn’t give a portion of my heart, I gave it all, completely
So I know I am taking a chance by going back out there
Back to the place that caused these never ending tears

Trying to start over my heart tells me I am heading for trouble
And to be careful not to place all my cards on the table
Learning from my past I know love will always be a gamble
At least that is what I feel, when I look at tears floating in a bottle