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The world has rotated 240 times on its axis since I wrote "Stirring From An Old Life" after an unsettling visit from a friend. Early spring has become Winter here in the southern hemisphere, looking back on it now I realise I managed to capture in words perhaps for the first time in my life the moments when discontent entered my very cosy existence in the foothills of the Canterbury high country.

 After a period of eight months my journey to Tanzania has progressed only from Mayfield to Christchurch 115 Kilometers from the couch in front of my toasty warm log fire to the cold Cathedral Square internet cafe in which I sit. However upon reflection the distance in deed, intent, philosophy and thinking is big. So great It brings to mind an inscription on the grave of my brother John....

 "What ship would bear you ever back across so wide a sea?"

I had selected it from Tolkein's "Lord of the rings", just about his favourite book, ever. Somehow it seems to summarise my feelings toward what is, even as I write, rapidly becoming the final page of a life's chapter. Questioningly written, thoughtfully read, now turning to reveal its unmarked brothers waiting patiently beneath it.

A voyage across the widening gulf between an old world in the foothills of the Southern Alps and the new on the other side of the world is one which may never again be taken.


To Be Continued.....

Max Crean (c) 2010

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