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I want to say hello and nice to meet you for people who look at this  blog


I want to give a brief self-introduction

My English name is Echo and I come from Taiwan

I still a undergraduate student even if I am already 25 years old

(and I can't believe that I am gonna be 26 years old next year...)

Honestly, I spend too much time on finding what I really want to study but I don't think I wasted my time for the those years

I had majored in English before and I major in Law right now

I love what I study even if sometimes I felt struggle in law's complicated words

The more I study, the more difficulty I've faced

however, I don't want to lose my confidence and I want to go through this challenge

the most I concerned about is my age because I will almost be 30 when I graduate from university

I want to keep studying but I also know that I have to think about my future and the job